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The Timekeeper’s Son is Available for Kindle!

There are three days left until the official launch, but The Timekeeper’s Son can be downloaded now on Amazon.  The paperback edition will be available on Monday, September 3rd.  Or maybe on the 2nd, to tell the truth.

One thing I can say is that this week has been one heck of a ride.  I’ve been doing my best to publicize my book on Goodreads and I created a book page on Facebook.  By the way, I’d love it if you hopped out there and liked my page!  Anyway, I’ve turned into somewhat of a statistics junkie.  It’s funny how putting a book out into the world wide web can do that to you.  I’ve been glued to the stats on my giveaway (I’m up to 328 entries, woot!) and, more recently, on Amazon. Read the rest of this entry »



One Week to Launch! – and Other Assorted Thoughts

Well, it’s official.  I am now just under one week until my book launches.  I have to say that it is crazy weird.  I’ve been thinking about writing a novel for most of my life, and now it’s about to be real.   I mean really real.  Or Real.  I’ve had the book out on Goodreads for a while now and I’ve given away quite a few copies, but it is a completely different deal now. Read the rest of this entry »


Negative Reviews – Don’t be the Idiot

So you’ve finally finished your book and you’ve put it out there for the world to enjoy. You’re cruising along nicely, pulling in several four star reviews.  But then some fathead comes along and whacks you with one or two stars, going on about how you should go back to elementary school or some such thing.

I mean, they clearly weren’t smart enough for your book, right? I’ll bet they didn’t even really read it. They probably read the first chapter and saw one thing they didn’t like and then whammo!  One star for you.  That has to be the only logical explanation because your book is a work of art. If it were that bad, you wouldn’t have gotten so many four and five star reviews, right? Read the rest of this entry »

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There are no Mistakes in Art

I stumbled across a blog post today about insecurity and writing. I have to say that it got me thinking a little bit. The author’s point was that all writers are insecure. He says that we have doubts and fears that plague us as we write and, most, generally, those fears have everything to do with what we are creating. As writers, we are pouring our hearts into a creation that is completely and wholly from ourselves. There is nothing about a creation that is not a reflection of its creator. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Power of Editing

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned through the course of publishing my book, it is the value of editing.  I didn’t hire a professional editor for my book.  Like most self-published authors, the price tag scared me.  Publishing a book is an uncertain thing and you really don’t know whether you will make any money at it.  The statistics are downright frightening.  Then again, I think there is a lot more to the statistics than just numbers, but that is for another post.

The point I want to make here is that it’s a little like the old adage that plagues teenagers everywhere: I need a job to get a car, but I need a car to get a job.  Editing is like that.  You need to sell books to pay for editing, but you aren’t going to sell any books if you don’t edit.  I really mean that.  Now, you can self-edit, but I’ve learned that is only going to get you so far.  I have been extremely blessed with several beta readers.  So far, I’ve had about a dozen people read my book, looking for typos, weird spots, plot holes, and the like.  Without them, I would be screwed.  But, as invaluable as they are, they still won’t get you as far as you need to go. Read the rest of this entry »

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What folks are saying about The Timekeeper’s Son

My book won’t be released for another few weeks, but I have been putting it out there for some folks to read in advance.  This has been great because it’s given me the chance to get early feedback on the book while there’s still some time to change it.  Anyway, I’m thrilled that the response to it has been great so far.  Here’s some of what folks are saying:

Sincerely, it kept me at the edge of my seat. I found myself wondering:  “how are they getting out of this mess?”  And I can honestly say that the author found a clever way out in every situation. (Mike Miller you made me bite my nails! lol) – Rhomy,

This book was a great, refreshing story!  I got sucked into [it] right away and read through very quickly. – Nicki,

The Timekeeper’s Son is a delightful story with charismatic characters, a plot that will hook you, plenty of drama, and a dash of humor. – Shannon,

Hypnotizing story, A real page turner, Closure at the end (though you will want more!) – Cristina, WordPress Blog

Check out these reviews and more at!


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Free Writing Solves World Hunger

If you’ve been following my posts, you may have noticed that I bring up free writing a lot.  And I do mean a lot.  Like as in almost every post.  I do that because I think it is probably the most powerful tool in a writer’s toolbox, except for maybe the Internet.  Free writing is the writer’s multi-tool.  It can help us develop compelling storylines, flesh out characters, find solutions to dire situations, and even figure out how to create the situations we need solutions to.  And, after we’ve done all this, it will still be sharp enough to slice a tomato (two points to anyone who gets the reference). Read the rest of this entry »

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