The Timekeeper’s Son

The Timekeeper's SonWhat would you do if you could start your life over again? What if you didn’t have a choice? That’s what happens to Andy Meyers. He has all the normal trappings of life: a beautiful wife, a nice house, and a good job. But all that vanishes when he wakes to find himself reliving his own childhood. He is suddenly nine-years-old again, and he is poised to reenact a terrible chain of events that altered his life forever.

But that’s just the beginning. Things get even more complicated when Andy discovers an impossible note. Someone knows he has come back. Someone who doesn’t want him to change anything. And they will stop at nothing to keep him from it.

As Andy starts to unravel his own past, he begins to find that things are much different than he ever imagined. His family has a secret. A secret so big that it could change everything.

The Timekeeper’s Son is the debut novel from author Mike E. Miller. It is a thrill ride like you’ve never experienced. From the very first page to the shocking climax, it will hold you in its relentless grip as Andy races to uncover the secrets of his own past and to battle against the inevitability of his own future.

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